This is why I slept with my cousin before his wedding

My favorite cousin’s wedding was going to be in my city, we offered him to come to our house and to stay for a few days and I fucked him.

I and my family offered him to stay over at our house during the previous days before the wedding, he accepted our offer. To help him sleep better and to have a little place to call his own so that he could feel relaxed and at home, I lent him my bedroom and I slept next to my sister in her room, we are really close together with her so we decided to have a little sisters time while he was staying in my bedroom.

During the night everything was normal, I said goodbye to my cousin and gave him a tight hug and he hugged me tightly back. While laughing he started hugging me tighter and tighter jokingly saying that I was going to be forced to sleep with him on my bed. My body was rubbing against his and I suppose he started to get a little aroused, which I think is normal for a male when he feels the body of a young girl against him. I felt his bulge starting to get a little harder so I told him I really had to stop because I did not want to make him uncomfortable or feel shy because he got a semi hard on for playing with her little cousin too closely.

The next day, on the morning, I went back to my room where my cousin that’s getting married was staying over to get the clothes that I was going to wear for the wedding and show them to him so that he could see how beautiful her little cousin was going to be on the day he gets married, when I entered the room I saw that my cousin was watching the news, lying in my bed with just his underwear, it was a warm day so I thought nothing of it.

I sat on the bed next to him to watch the news together, I hugged him In a warm gesture of good morning and wanted to tease him for what happened last night when he did not want to let me go and kept squeezing me against his body.

A picture of me and of what I was wearing the day my cousin took my virginity.

As soon as he felt mi body against his, he started breathing funny, I was only wearing my little short pajama that shows my midriff. I was only wearing those two pieces of clothing and nothing underneath, so I guess he could feel my slightly hard nipples under my top.

I realized that he was getting excited, and could notice his penis starting to get hard under his underwear, I really could see his penis getting erect under the sheets! It was kind of embarrassing but he had a great body and I thought the same as last night, it is normal for two young persons to get a little excited when in the proximity of another possible candidate from the opposite sex… fo course we are cousins so nothing was going to happen, right?

As moments passed and his penis was still hard and my nipples were getting harder and harder under my little pajama I went into a mixture of shock and curiosity, I was really started to get turned on, I was exiting a grown man, he was hard for me and I thought that was the most flattering thing in the world.

I’ve never been with a man, and I was so turned on that I could not resist the temptation to feel what a real man feels like, so I grabbed my cousin’s hard cock and started masturbating it. He immediately turned off the TV and looked right into my eyes and started kissing me and touching all of my body my body very gently, immediately putting his hands under my pajama, I became so wet that I remember you could clearly notice the pajama over my crotch getting visually wet.

As we were kissing and he was touching me and I was touching him, out of nowhere he told me to sit down on the bed and thought he wanted us to spot, I knew that what we were doing was very bad and a huge disrespect to her future wife, even if we were family… and it’s normal for two young humans in their prime to get a little carried away when the things get lusty.

I really felt very sorry and worried because his girlfriend likes me very much, we get along really well and we always have a good time when we hang out, but what we were doing felt so good in all of my body and he was so good in bed, feeling a real man touching my young body, realizing that I was going to make love to someone 8 years older than I, with more experience and talent in the bed than any kid my age, It was something I could not avoid and was going to take advantage to the extreme.

That day my cousin took my virginity and came inside me, it is until this day, the best day and 10x the best fuck of my life. My first time will always be my favorite time.

After what he did to me, and what I did to her beautiful soon to be “the wife” I did not have the courage to go to the wedding, I felt ashamed and horny at the same time, I wanted him again, but he was now married and wanted nothing to do with me.

To this day I do my best to avoid them at family gatherings, I feel just strange. It’s not that I regret letting him take my virginity, it’s that I just don’t want to see them together I guess.

If my aunt or my mom ever find out… or worst! if her now wife knows that we fucked in my bed, that I have my virginity to him… I do not know what I would do, my life would be ruined.

Imagine everyone speaking behind my back of what a dirty slut I am, that I can’t even control myself, that I’m such a whore that I would even fuck my cousin on his wedding week.

What would you do in my place?! I was so young and so lustful, I just wanted to feel a real man, and one thing leads to another… tell me what would you have done in my place, do you think I’m a bad person or would you do the same?

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