Why did I have to suck his asshole?!

I am a horny single mother on my late 30s, I never married but I had a beautiful daughter when I was a lot younger.

My daughter is 17 years old and she has become recently pregnant from my soon to be son-in-law, who is is a 22 years old boy.

A couple of nights ago, me, my daughter and my daughter’s boyfriend, who is soon to become my son-in-law after he got my beautiful daughter pregnant, were all at a party at my house, to celebrate his proposal to my daughter after he got her impregnated (at least he assumed and manned up to his responsibility as the father of my incoming grandchild).

The problem is that I find my daughters boyfriend the sexiest man alive, he is the perfect man for me, and I can’t stop fantasizing that I fuck his brains out every time we meet.

During the celebration party, my soon to be son-in-law and I locked eyes the whole night, time after time our gazes met and I could feel him staring at the back of my head every time I walked pass by.

I was starting to get a little excited from all this constant attention from a man that I find to be more than a STUD and that I would fuck in a second if only he wasn’t the father of my soon to be born grandchild.

A picture of me, so you can fantasize about all the dirty things I’m about to tell you.

I decided to go for a walk to calm myself and to avoid making a mistake and ending fucking not only this beautiful man but his relationship with my daughter as well, and after a couple of minutes on my own I saw my son-in-law behind me following me, my heart started rushing and I could not hold any longer, I wanted him and his dick cum deep inside me, It was the only thing that my mind was capable of thinking at that moment, so I did the only thing I thought I could do to see if he was feeling the same way I was all the times we’ve met┬ábefore.

I understood that I should look for a dark and cozy place so we could be alone, so I could tease him into cheating my daughter and force him to fuck me.

When I left the tumult of the party, and all the guests that were drinking and dancing at my house, I waited for him in a corner, I wanted him to sit down so we could escape the possible attention of another wanderer.

When he arrived I could not resist any longer, he was following me for a reason I was going to take my chances and fuck his brains out.

I got up and kissed him deeply, feeling his lips and tong inside my mouth was one of the most thrilling sensations I’ve ever felt before. Not he was only a lot younger than me, he was my daughters soon to be husband, it was wrong on so many levels that I could not resist.

We began to touch each other, feeling our bodies getting hornier and hornier with each kiss and caress, I was starting to lose control, I wanted him inside of me.

He started to feel my dripping wet vagina while I slide my hand into his pants where I found his rock-hard penis, It drove me insane, knowing that a man that young and hot, was that excited for me. It was a major boost for my self-esteem, I felt sexy again, I felt like I still had “it”, I could still turn a man mad from lust, even making him cheat on his pregnant wife with me, her mother. I felt like a slut again, having unprotected sex with an unfaithful man. I loved getting that feeling once again.

As he was touching me he lowered his pants, revealing a massive piece of hard rock man mean, full of veins in the verge of exploding from the excitement. As soon as I saw the state and girth of his dick I lifted my skirt to allow him to do as he pleased.

My mouth was telling him to stop, that it was wrong, that he was cheating on my daughter but that made him even hornier, he had transformed into the beast of lust and all that I said was making him even hornier. My plan was working just as intended.

He buried his big, throbbing hard cock inside me, fucking me hard and wildly like if we were alone in the world, he was fucking me like I was my daughter, his soon to be wife, he was relentless and could not stop penetrating me time after time.

We were in the backyard, hidden in the darkness of the night and muffled by the noise of the music inside the party, we were inside our one personal cheating sex haven, we finally could have our 20 minutes of non-stop sex, he fucked me like I was a goddess, he kept pounding and pounding me until he ejaculated all his load inside me, filling me with his hot champagne.

After he let his load go inside of my ruined pussy we went back to the party as if nothing had happened, trying to hide our misdemeanor from other guests, but the truth is, I would have taken him upstairs and continue fucking him if it were not for the guests and the fact that my daughter was right there.

After a couple of days we kept in touch, he texted each other constantly, hiding it from my pregnant daughter and decided we needed to have another sexual meeting.

I proposed him to come back again to my house and he accepted immediately, he was not satisfied, he wanted more of me pussy and he was going to get it; I’ll just say, that day, we did everything that you could imagine in bed, he fucked every hole on my body and filled me with his hot jizz. We were so horny that in the heat of it all I ended up sucking his asshole, letting my tongue go deep inside his dirtiness! I loved it!.

Just imagine it, me and him at it again, our bodies naked and our minds lost on lust, it was so wonderful to have sex with my daughter’s husband again.

But then, as time passed and I started to think about what he had done, what I had done to the life of my daughter and soon to be born grandson… I started to think it was the biggest mistake of my life.

At the time it was happening I felt I wanted it more than anything, I wanted him deep inside me, but at the end, I was just hurting my daughter.

Now, night after night, I still fantasize and think how wonderful it was to fuck him, to have his hot cum dripping from my legs in front of my daughter and all our guests.

What do you think? What would you have done in my case? Do you think I’m a bad person for all I did?

Up to this day, my daughter has no idea of what I did with her husband, that I fucked him like she never will, that I sucked his husband’s asshole and tasted all that made him a man.

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